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Welcome to TOP-Org. net ~ The Ohio Paranormal "Social" Network

   Your Ohio Paranormal Social Network

Hello and Welcome to our website. Our group consists of a wide variety of very experienced Paranormal Investigators. Everyone in our network loves to help others whom may not understand that this is something more normal than expected. We all are also a part of this network because we too, have experienced some type of paranormal event. Not everything is explainable, but sometimes it's great to have someone who does believe what is being experienced. Please don't hesitate to call should you be experiencing peculiar events.



Loved going to the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch NY. We were able to have a lot of activity and the place is amazing.

Bobby Mackeys gives several investigators the creeps. If there is one place other groups should make sure they put on their list, this place is the one.

Beaver Creek State Park in Sprucevale Ohio never lets us down. We think we came across something scarier than ghosts. To read the entire story, please click here




We no longer have our weekly talk show!

However: TOP-Org representatives are available as guest speakers on other shows (pending notice). We currently had to stop with our own weekly show, because due to costs as our group paranormal services are free!

Perhaps in the future, if we find another solution of another place that does offer free weekly or bi-weekly internet radio hosting, then it would be ideal. It was a fun few years while it lasted and we met a lot of GREAT guest speakers.

In the meantime, Happy Haunting.


Other Services Offered

Doc J (Jill) is Ohio Registered Minister and able to perform marriages anywhere in the state of Ohio. She also gives spiritual readings, guidance and much more. 

 More information here!


Learn how to Investigate Ghosts!

We have a non-religious, spiritual course called:

Paranormal Investigation-Basic Training

Other classes too, for more info go to "Classes"

It's sold on, and teaches the basics on Paranormal Investigations with our primary focus on 'Ghosts'.

This course was Doc J's doctorate dissertation, approved by The University of Metaphysical Science, Arcata Ca. Contact us if you are interested in learning more if you want to take our course. We support learning to avoid the "Oops, I didn't know..." response. -When it comes down to it, we want to 'know' that you know how to handle leading your own investigation. Our goal is to create leaders and for all to gain safe experience. eBay copies are not legal copies, but you can purchase the ebook version on

This course is written by Jill Semonin PhD-CH, with contributions by Rezin Howes DD and Edited by Ken Summers

Paranormal Investigations - Basic Training

We also have a Course in House Healing for Ghost Hunters, for more info, please click on the classes link~



The Ohio Paranormal Organization is built of merged groups from Ohio and surrounding states, working together to help those who experience paranormal phenomena to have a clearer understanding of  what the paranormal is all about. Our merged affiliates are listed below:

OVGH (Ohio Valley Ghost Hunters) District 5 TOGA (The Ohio Ghosthunters Association) District 7
PI (Paranormal Insight) District 6 Paranormal Adventures District 7
PEARL (Paranormal Exploration And Research League)  


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